Sowing seed

This month is the month where I put in the most work into both our allotment and garden. I’ve gone a little too crazy with seeds, filling both our allotment and conservatory – the latter now doubling as a greenhouse.

Kohl Rabi

Gosia’s temper is lasting at the moment but it isn’t likely to do for much longer. There is literally nowhere to sit in the said conservatory, every inch of space being taken up by seed trays, pots and the like. It’ll all be over soon, I promise her, just as soon as the seedlings are big enough to be planted out.

Pictured are Kohl Rabi (above) and Leeks (below). In seed trays we also have brussel sprouts (growing), cabbage (no sign yet), and butternut squash (today!), amongst other things.

I’m now beginning to wonder if I have got a little carried away. Gosia really isn’t impressed with the 5 varieties of cabbage I’ve bought, given that we eat no more than one a month!


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