Raw Food French Style

If I had to find a book which most closely summed up my food ethos, Raw Food French Style would be it.  Much like the food featured within, I haven’t read a book this fresh in a very long time.

As a keen novice forager and allotment gardener I really like the idea of using fresh food with as little done to it as humanly possible (read: I’m lazy in the kitchen). I prefer food where I can distinguish between the individual flavours of the ingredients, but love finding new flavour combinations that work. With that in mind, the first recipe I just had to try was Cucumber and Spinach Juice – a perfect use for my current glut of spinach, the first crop from our aforementioned allotment. It tasted as fresh as it sounds, with added zest from lime juice.

Buy only seasonal vegetables and local ones if possible…Vegetables straight out of the ground are your best choice as well as your eco-friendly contribution to the planet!

Raw Food French Style

Other recipes that caught my eye are Spinach, Avocado and Ginger Soup (spinach again!) and the classic Gazpacho (chilled tomato soup). These are perfect examples of how preparing raw food isn’t just about arranging a few ingredients on a plate (think salad or crudités), but instead is about the fine art of combining flavours, textures and colours to entice the taste buds.

Raw food is a celebration of nature: joyful, light hearted, colourful, crunchy and packed with vitamins. It is also quickly prepared.

Being a book about (and titled) Raw Food I somehow imagined this book would also feature a solely vegetarian recipe selection. I was proved wrong roughly half way through when I started reading the Fish and then Meat sections; there were the obligatory tartare and carpaccio recipes (and several varieties thereof), but also more original items such as John Dory with Liquorice Infused Oil and Dried Beef, Pear and Cauliflower. If the thought of eating raw meat puts you off, head to rather less daring (but title-breaking) “Barely Cooked” section.

Finally the book has a Sweet section. I expected fruit salads, but got more exciting choices including Chocolate-Coconut Tart, Mini Cakes and Lemon Tart – the latter with an annoying error on the first ingredient – 170g of blanched whole.

To conclude, Raw Food French Style is probably the most exciting cookbook I’ve read in a long time.  Each recipe looks so easy, so approachable, and yet combines flavours in a way I had never thought of before.  This is a book I will be coming back to again and again over the summer months.

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  • Title: Raw Food French Style
  • Author: Delphine de Montalier
  • Released: 01/05/2014
  • RRP: £20.00

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