Tips for a great African honeymoon

There are typically two types of people when it comes to vacations. There are those that like to relax and simply spend their days lounging on the beach, and there are those who actually want to get out there and do something exciting and adventurous. For those who fall into the latter camp, an Africa honeymoon getaway can be the perfect exotic way to start out your life together.

Africa is a nature-lover’s paradise. A vacation to Africa offers a rare chance to get up close with many different types of exotic animals and plant life that you won’t get to see elsewhere. What’s more, depending on what kind of weather you like – from humid and hot to more arid – Africa offers a destination that will perfectly fit the bill. Remember, however, that if you live in North America, Africa’s seasons are opposite to ours, so bear that in mind when planning your getaway.

One of the best countries in Africa for honeymooners is probably Mozambique. This African nation sites on the Indian ocean, and shares things in common with nearby locations such as Mauritius and the Maldives. (Incidentally, if you are the type of person we mentioned in the beginning, the kind of person who wants to lie on the beach all day, Mozambique offers some of the most beautiful beaches on which to do so). It also offers a rich history and culture for those who want to explore new places, people, sounds, and tastes while on their honeymoon.

Another popular African vacation spot for honeymooners is South African, located just south of Mozambique. South Africa offers many opportunities to get close to animals while also offering a vibrant night life, culinary scene, and more. During the spring time, South Africa is particularly beautiful, as the entire country seems to be blanketed with beautiful flowers in a rainbow of colours!

No trip to South Africa – or Africa in general – is complete without a safari. In fact, you can opt to spend your entire honeymoon in full-on safari. You’ll sleep in luxury tents on the safari route, wander through the desert atop an elephant, and more. If that’s not your thing, you can still get the safari experience by embarking on a one-day safari excursion and then sleep comfortably in your resort at night. You can travel by jeep, by elephant, or even in by special safari train!

Another thing for which South Africa is known is its wine. South African wines are some of the best in the world, and if you are a wine lover, you should consider making a visit to a vineyard or two a part of your honeymoon. You can go on a tour of the winery, sample some wine, and bring some home to enjoy later on. In many cases, when you dine in local restaurants, the wine that is offered on the menu will have been made very nearby the restaurant.

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