Banana Bread was Never This Moist

I bet you all have a favorite banana bread recipe that you swear by! But what if I told you that you can make it even better! The definition of a great banana bread most certainly has one word in it “moist”. Here’s where I found some of the best banana bread recipes on the internet.

Ingredients You Should Use for the Moistest Banana Bread


I think we can all agree that a banana loaf can be called delicious if it is soft and moist. And what is it that can make for the perfectly moist loaf? There are 3 things that are crucial!

Dairy Products

Anything from the regular to buttermilk can make for a great moist bite of happiness. But from personal experience, I can say that adding some mascarpone definitely takes the banana loaf to a whole new level. If you, however, find this cheese a bit too expensive, go ahead and use sour cream instead. The banana bread is definitely going to be moist, but it will also have a note of tanginess. (Which is fine by me because I always want strange combinations when it comes to my food).

Extra Ripe Bananas

The riper the bananas, the moister the banana bread. This is how it works. And in case you can’t wait for the bananas to get overripe because let’s say your kids love to eat them as they are (which is definitely not the case in my household) you can actually induce the process by baking the bananas for 10 minutes in a 250°F oven.


These berries will not only make your banana bread 10 times healthier and yummier, but they will make it just as moist. What I find interesting is that you can actually see the moistness represented by the blue spots around the space the berries are folded into.

The Moistest Banana Bread Ever


Forget all about the regular banana loaf, this next one I found on MyGreatRecipes is definitely the real deal! The Cinnamon Sugar Blueberry Banana Bread can definitely be dubbed the best banana bread ever! It incorporates all of the above-mentioned tips, and what’s more, it makes use of cinnamon and vanilla.

I can assure you that as soon as you try a bite, you won’t be able to stop yourselves from devouring the whole loaf in one sitting! So, don’t say I didn’t warn you, in case you are preparing it, double the amounts of the ingredients just to be on the safe side. Even if by any chance you end up with some leftovers, they will be just as fresh the other day. J

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